TTM 1.1: Root Tantra



Tibetan Medicine 1.1: Root Tantra – Foundations of Sowa Rigpa

July-August 2017, 30 hours

Learn the fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine with Eric Rosenbush, L.Ac.
This course opens a door into the vast world of Tibetan Medicine, based on the authentic study of the ancient Four Tantras. The essential theories and practices of Sowa Rigpa, the Science of Healing, are presented as trees growing in the Medicine Buddha’s mandala garden, utilizing an interactive, visual learning method based on the medical thangka paintings.

Topic 1 : Introduction to Sowa Rigpa
1 | Introduction to Sowa Rigpa & Cosmology
2 | The Three Humors
Topic 2: Tree of Health & Disease
3 | The Trunk of Balance
4 | Trunk of Imbalance – Principles of Pathology
Topic 3 : Tree of Diagnosis
5 | Tree of Diagnosis
6 | Constitutional Typology
Topic 4 : Tree of Therapies
7 | Healthy Diet & Lifestyle
8 | Introduction to Tibetan Herbal Medicine
9 | External Therapies, Conclusion

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